The Real War on Women: Winners and Losers

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about a war on women. At first I laughed at the absurdity of the claim… Or maybe it was the claimant herself (DWS)… And after some careful research and analysis, followed by a couple of rounds of Super Bobolz, follwed by a little more research, I have determined that there certainly is a real, war on women– and the women are losing!

Forget politics, this is a real war! There is in fact a war on baby girls (little women, if you will). This is serious, and it’s not going away any time soon.

China: Most people by now have heard about China’s One-Child Policy, and fewer have heard of China’s forced abortions. But did you know that 500 Chinese women commit suicide every day? (Most, because of the One-Child Policy.) And 7000 Chinese women die every year during child-birth. (Those numbers according to the Congressional Executive Commission on China 2009 Annual Report.) In its 30-year history, China’s One-Child Policy has “helped avert” 400-million female births, according to Brookings: China’s One Child Policy at 30. That’s an average of 13-million per year- all girls.

Plus, tens of thousands of female babies go missing in China each year, but that’s another story.

India: 12 million girls aborted in 30 years. Today’s estimates put that number closer to one million girls aborted each year in India.

Good ‘Ol USA: 55-million abortions since Roe v Wade. These days, 1.2 million a year. (About half of which are likely girls.)

When you add these millions together, and toss in all the abortions we don’t know about, you can see that the number is staggering (20-million-plus).

So yes, there is really a war on women- and the women are losing- racking up the casualties by the millions.

I wonder how the other side is doing? (Those doing the killing.)

The world leading provider of abortions, by far is Planned Parenthood. According to their site, PP provides contraception to 2.2 million patients, and over 1.1 million pregnancy tests annually. But you’ll have to look elsewhere to find they claim they did 324,008 abortions in 2008.

In Summary: So far, what we’ve seen is nothing but casualty counts on the right (women), and kill counts (abortion stats) on the left. It is my conclusion at this point in history, that the women are losing this “war on women”.

The abortionists are winning the war on women. Having 20-million kills this past year alone, and suffering zero-fatalities on their side (except maybe one).

Thankfully, support for abortion is at an all-time low, and support of pro-life issues is at an all-time high.

Maybe one day we can end this holocaust. Maybe, when enough people change their mind. Maybe, when enough honest people re-think the issue, they’ll hear that voice in their conscience that says, “This is wrong- abortion is wrong.”. Watch this movie:

180, the Movie


Planned Parenthood supports sex-selective abortions.

Stupid in America.

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