How Abortion is Destroying Our Culture and Our Thinking

There has been over 50-million abortions since Roe v Wade. Although that fact alone is the single biggest tragedy in the history of mankind, that’s not the full extent of what this so-called right has done to destroy the very fabric of our culture here in the US. Abortion has become the defining issue politically, and has divided us as a nation and a people. Not only that, but abortion has also helped demoralize women, and cloud our judgement in general. It is the most backward-thinking subject I can imagine, and as such, a topic worthy of this website.

At the root of this issue is this fact- there is truth. You see, it doesn’t matter what a person believes, as long as it’s true. We can sit here and argue about what’s best for the nation, and what’s best for ourselves, but believing a lie shouldn’t be arguable. But somehow that has become the case.

Post-modernist thinking is pure bull-crap.

It’s poppycock, hogwash, boloney. We’ve been railroaded, hoodwinked, bamboozled. And I’m befuddled, and flabbergasted, not to mention bewildered. (I love those words.)

Post-modernism makes the FALSE claim that truth is relative.

And a lot of gullible people buy it. Truth is not relative. Something is either true or it isn’t. Why is that so hard to understand for some people?

Truth may be relative on taste issues. For example, I like the Rolling Stones, maybe you don’t. To me, they are great- and that’s true for me. Maybe to you, the Rolling Stones sound like crap. That could be true for you.

But, what about abortion? Abortion is the killing of a human being.

That is not my opinion. It’s not debatable. It’s a scientific fact. The baby inside a woman’s womb is not a gob of goo, or fetal tissue. It’s a human being. To believe otherwise is to believe a lie.

Imagine this scene- a scientist is in his laboratory, trying to create life in a test tube. He drops some sperm and an egg into some fluid. The next day, when he checks on his work, he holds the test tube up and sees they have bonded. He shouts, “Eureka, I’ve created goo.” Of course, that would be silly. He has created LIFE, a living being. But somehow, a lot of people have been brainwashed to think he has created some fetal tissue.

Abortion is destroying our country in more ways than I have time to mention. But I’ll name a few. I already mentioned how it teaches us to believe a lie. But, believing that lie, just like any liar will tell you- leads to more lies. You have to keep lying to cover all the objections.

Abortion devalues women, and it devalues sex.

Think about it. Sex before marriage has become the norm. Before abortions were legal, most women kept their legs closed. But nowadays, there’s birth-control. And when that fails, there’s abortion. So why not do it?

Many women convince themselves another lie- everybody is doing it. But the only reason everybody is doing it is because they can. If abortion was outlawed today, women would think twice before they have premarital sex.

Women have been dumbed-down by horny guys.

OK, there, I said it- the real problem.

Since the dawn of time, men have been trying to connive their way into women’s bedrooms. They’ll say anything to get her to open up. If she’s smart, she’ll run away, or marry him. But if she’s not that bright, she will believe his lies and invite him in for a nightcap.

Little do they know, he will most likely forget about her right afterward. He will walk out of her life and count it as a victory.

What a lot of women fail to realize is, they have the power. The guy will do whatever it takes to get her- lie, steal, cheat, marry her. But she gives up that power when she says yes.

Then, afterward, she will have to convince herself another lie- that she wanted it just as much as he did, and it’s just as natural for her as it is for him to do it.

But the reality is- it’s not the same thing for men as it is for women. That’s just another one of those lies men tell to get some. He doesn’t have to worry about consequences as much as she does. So, whether she admits it or not, the FACT is- any woman who has an abortion has been victimized by a conniving man, along with the help of Liberal educators and media.

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