Gun Insanity: Activists Call to Ban Gun Emoji

Gun control group jumps shark by going after pixels

Believe it or not, symbols in text messages are the next target for fervent anti-gun activists in New York.

Under the “Disarm the iPhone” campaign, “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence” is calling on Apple to remove the gun emoji from their iPhone devices.

An accompanying video for the ad campaign, which we assure you is real, tries to sell the idea that getting rid of the emoji would somehow lead to less gun deaths.

“With 33,000 American deaths a year, gun violence has become a losing battle. Even our president has admitted defeat,” the video states.

“But there is something we can do. There is a gun we all carry. That we can all give up,” the video says before revealing the hashtag #DisarmTheiPhone.

“By removing the gun emoji, we’ll show America wants stricter access to real guns.”

“The gun emoji has taken root in our culture and our digital conversations,” Leah Gunn Barrett, executive director of NYAGV said in a statement. “Let’s all call on Apple to get rid of the virtual gun and publicly join our call for universal background checks on all gun sales.”

The group’s attempt to ban digital pixels demonstrates how unreasonable gun control groups claiming to want “sensible” gun reform can be.


1 comment for “Gun Insanity: Activists Call to Ban Gun Emoji

  1. Johnny
    August 9, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    The thirty thousand gun deaths figure is a complete bogus lie.Of these “gun deaths” seventeen thousand are suicides,completely having nothing to do with guns,they can kill themselves in a LOT of different ways.Eight thousand are gang bangers killing each other.The next three thousand are criminal killed by cops and citizens with the last two thousand are citizens killed by criminals. Out of over three hundred million citizens the fact is you are very very safe on a whole as an American citizen.Americans use guns to stop major felonies over two million times a year.A flood of murder and rape and robbery STOPPED by the good use of guns.America is first in the world in gun ownership and at the bottom of the almost two hundred countries in ‘gun deaths”Mexico with strict gun control is the murder capitol of the world.Guns save lives when the right people are armed.

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