Obama Campaign Promise Broken – Guantanamo

ObamaLooks StonedObama did the right thing, when he approved the resumption of the controversial military trials for suspected terrorists at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Unfortunately for him and his far-left supporters, that was the exact opposite of what he promised during his campaign, over and over. We’ve got video of his repeated promise to close Guantanamo. I wonder how the anti-war crowd feels today?

I’m sure any intellectually honest Liberal is very upset with Obama over his decision to keep the military trials going. But I can’t seem to find any. Instead, I hear a few repeating the mantra- he will close it some day. Can you believe that? They still can’t admit the whole campaign was just lies. In my 51-years I have never seen such a blatant two-faced disposition on a public figure- but they still love him. Go figure.

You see, that’s the real difference between the Left and the Right in today’s politics. The Left are phony, by definition. And the right are for real, by definition. That’s not just my political leanings saying that. It’s actually a fact. Think about it.

Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part, people on the political right are the good people. People like your dad, your uncle who owned a store, your friends at church, your neighbor. And people on the political left are, with exceptions too of course, usually the teenager waiting for the bus, the war protester with long hair and sandals, the health teacher, the chick at the abortion clinic, the guy you get your weed from.

All seriousness aside, I am happy Obama is keeping the military trials going at Guantanamo. I like the fact that the military can hold its own hearing and decide to take someone out to a field, never to be seen again. Come one, it’s a war machine, that’s what they do.

War on Terror News talked to Mason Clutter, an attorney for the Washington-based Constitution Project, who said her organization has mixed feelings about the president’s decision to resume the military trials, and, “We are disappointed that the administration is not going to be proceeding with parallel trials in the civilian justice system while they are trying cases in the military commission system.”

So, that’s what the Liberals really want- CIVILIAN court cases for their lawyer friends. Sorry guys, you’ll have to wait awhile for that after this decision.

Here’s Obama’s fake campaign promise…

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