Dr Vij Sodera: Evolution is Impossible

Those who are interested in Creation/Evolution debate will find a serious contender on the right- Dr Vij Sodera. His latest edition of his book, One Small Speck to Man, is quite possibly the absolute best biology book out there, period. When you take a very close look at the evidence, as Dr Vij does so eloquently, there is only one conclusion that makes any sense:


If you believe in evolution; Are you brave enough to consider the possibility? Are you smart enough to admit that just maybe, you haven’t been looking at the evidence without a bias? Can you admit that you really never saw any evidence of evolution?

If your mind is open enough to at least consider the possibility of Creation, and you really want to see the whole story on; the fossil records; biological evidence; extinctions, variations, DNA, proteins, molecular machines, chromosomes, birds, whales, and human ancestry, you just have to buy the book. You won’t be sorry, no matter your education- this is real science.

See more about Dr Vij Sodera and his book at OneSmallSpeck.com.

There is a 6-part video series on Youtube, Evidence Against Evolution, starring Dr Vij Sodera. I think you’ll find it interesting, to say the least. Here is part 1.

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