Is Human Overpopulation a Real Problem? How About Global Warming? (Charts and Graphs)

Croud of people- overpopulationJust like so-called global warming, the overpopulation myth is all about the money, and it’s so easy to prove. To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, even a fifth-grader could do it.

Do you believe there is an overpopulation problem? Do you believe in global warming? Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? Let’s do some math and science…

Climatologists and meteorologists agree that we have been in a cooling trend for the past fifteen years. Some scientists are now more concerned about global cooling these days.

But does that stop the fire-hydrant of money funneling to the likes of Al Gore? No way. So now they simply call it climate change. This way, they have both sides covered.

And, these same people will scare school-children with both global warming and the overpopulation myth too. Apparently, there are just too many people in this world, and it’s causing global warming. Today’s assignment kids- what are we to do about it?

I have a better question: Is there really a problem?

First, let’s look at the claim- according to the hysteria supporters, both overpopulation and global warming have the same outcome- too much greenhouse gases (CO2).

World Bank Carbon Emissions ChartBut is it true? Let’s take a look at reality. See this chart? It shows actual CO2 emissions in the US since 1960. Hmmm, it looks like it’s been going down since 1973, when gas-guzzling cars ruled the streets, and would for years to come. I guess carbon emissions from cars and trucks isn’t the culprit.

How about overpopulation?

All those darn people must be letting off a bunch of gas, clogging up the atmosphere, right? Let’s see. If this is true, it should be easy to prove. After all, the countries with the most people should have the most CO2.

world-co2-emissions-mapHere’s a map of the world showing each country according to the amount of greenhouse gases. It looks like the US and China are the biggest culprits, followed by Russia and India, followed by Canada and Mexico among others. Don’t those greedy bastards know they are ruining the environment with all those people crammed into such a small space? Oh wait, how did Canada get on that list? Have you ever been to Canada? I have. There are like, twelve people there. (Just kidding.)

But seriously, let’s look at people-per-square-mile. Surely that will teach us something.

population-per-square-mileHere’s a list of all the countries of the world, and their population per square mile. It looks like the US is number 167 on the list. And China is number 78. Hmmm, I guess population-per-square-mile has nothing to do with global warming.

Looking at this list of the top eleven countries with the greatest population per square mile, it is clear to see- Macau SAR must be the worst offender of global warming, followed by Monaco, then Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Gaza Strip, Bermuda, Malta, Maldives, Bahrain, and finally Bangladesh. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, eating all those beans and putting out all those greenhouse gases.

OK, it’s not the population. It must be those darn cars. They just have too many darn gas-guzzling cars in the US and China, followed by Russia and India, then Canada and Mexico. Let’s see that chart. Surely we will get to the bottom of this tragedy.

According to Forbes, industrialized nations have less than 20% of the world’s population, but they have over 80% of the world’s motor vehicles. It appears that Portugal has more motor vehicles per capita-773 cars per 1,000 residents, followed by the US with 755, New Zealand with 735, Luxembourg with 727, Iceland with 719, Italy with 666, Australia with 659, Japan with 612, Slovenia with 598, and France with 595.

OK, it isn’t cars-per-capita. Then it must be just the most cars, period. Let’s see those numbers. These are the top six car buyers in the world, in the order of who bought the most cars: US, Germany, Japan, Russia, Brazil, China. So, if simply having the most cars causes the most CO2, then this list should look exactly like the list above, with the most greenhouse gases. The only similarity is the US is at the top- close, but no cigar. Germany is 2nd in car-buying, but they’re not even on the list of top CO2 emissions. In fact Germany has been getting cleaner since 1990, even though they are buying more cars than ever before. And where is Canada? Surely those twelve people must own about 69-million cars. Everything is all out of whack. So that can’t be it.

Could it be manufacturing producing all those greenhouse gases? The top manufacturers in the world look a lot like the top car buyers, except that China is neck-and-neck with the US. Here’s the list: China, US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Korea, France, UK, India. Where’s Russia, Canada, and Mexico? Again, not even close to the top CO2 emitters.

Surely, there must be a correlation somewhere. I mean, after all, a former vice president made a movie about it, and it won the 2007 Academy Award for Documentary Feature. Nope. Sorry, no matter how hard you look at the data, no matter what angle you try- there is simply no such thing as global warming, overpopulation, or greenhouse gases being the result of it. The very statement contradicts itself- How can something be the result of something that doesn’t exist?

Don’t get me wrong- I like to breath as much as the next guy. And I surely don’t want to go through life wearing a gas-mask. So, I’m all in favor of tough pollution regulations. But come on, all this talk about global warming and overpopulation is just crazy.

What’s that you say? They have way too many people in some countries and cities? Yes, they do. But one of the Three Stooges has the answer to that dilemma:

To quote the great Moe Howard, “Spread out!”

Have you ever wondered how much space all the people of the world really need? I know I have, since I started writing this article anyway. Well, someone already did all the number-crunching for us on this one. takes a very in-depth and thoughtful look at how big a city would have to be to house the world’s 7-billion people, if they lived like people in Paris, San Francisco, New york, London, Singapore and/or Houston.

The worst-case-scenario is, if they lived like they do in Houston, with a huge backyard. The mega-city would cover about half the United States.

You gotta love Moe.

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