Rasmussen: More Republicans than Democrats for the First Time

This is not as mind-blowing as some are reporting. It’s not like this is the first time in history that there are more people identifying themselves as Republicans than Democrats. Although, there are a few “news” agencies reporting such gibberish. I guess they didn’t read the whole Rasmussen Report. (It only goes back to 2004.)

Yes, this is a big deal for Republicans and Conservatives across the US. In fact, it’s huge. There are in fact more people identifying themselves as Republicans than Democrats, for the first time since 2004- as long as Rasmussen has been keeping tabs on this.

It’s kind of funny to notice that just last month there were more people claiming to be Democrats than Republicans. The numbers are so close (just a few percentage points- 36 vs 34.7), that any shift will sway the majority to the other side again very easily. So I wouldn’t do too much rolling around on the floor laughing, as it were, just yet.

As recently as October 23rd, (6-weeks ago), CNN reported that the GOP favorable rating was its lowest in a decade. It’s funny how things change so quickly around here. Then again, you have to consider the source. After all, CNN made the number-two position on the top 100 Progressive Liberal websites list.

But if this trend continues, then Democrats have a problem. And that could very well be the case. In another Rasmussen report, more voters still expect more spending by Obama. Plus, his approval marks have never been lower. In my humble opinion, he is going to go down in history as a major crash-and-burn. His quick rise to the top will be echoed by his rapid decline, much like a one-hit-wonder pop star. He is going to be forever known as the Vanilla Ice of presidents.

I like the way Ed Morrissey at HotAir reported it- “All the Republicans got in November was a new opportunity to earn some loyalty after dissipating it in 2006 through a shower of pork, big-government spending, and scandal.”

I think the mid-term election success for the Republicans was more about people’s disappointment in the Democrats, than it was about people’s trust and admiration for the Republicans.

Take heart Republicans, the American people are giving you another chance. Don’t blow it this time.

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