Wisconsin Liberals Go Nuts Protesting Anti-Union Bill

Wow. Just when I thought I’d seen it all, along comes the Wisconsin Liberal Machine (yeah, they have a machine, they think they’re Chicago Junior up there) doing what they do best- take to the streets acting like a bunch of idiots- proving once again that Liberals don’t mean a damn thing they say… again.

Before you go jumping in a lake over what I just said, let me clarify- I understand it’s effectively a 7% pay-cut for the government workers, and also the bill would compromise collective bargaining. And I am sympathetic to that- the pay cut- not the collective bargaining.

Don’t think you can tell me that I don’t understand. I do. I get it. I’ve been in a recession all my life (except for a few moments that passed way too quickly.)

Are people really this defenseless in Wisconsin? Do they need Big Brother to “collectively bargain” for their pay, health insurance, pensions and other benefits?

I think this whole debacle is a wonderful, character building moment for our cheese-making friends up north. Welcome to the real world Wisconsin.

Normal hard-working people do their own collective bargaining, and they don’t want some union mafia boss from Chicago telling them how much money they can or should make.

Unions aren’t at all what they are supposed to be. And that’s the main reason I totally resent them.

Back in the 1980’s I was a driver for 7up in Chicago. One fine day, RC Cola company drivers decided to go on strike. But they had no muscle at all. Every store I delivered my 7up products to simply let me fill in the shelf space that was supposed to be RC’s. Their loss was my gain, end of story. If unions really had any power they would have called off all of the pop drivers- Pepsi, Coke, and the beer drivers too. Now that would have been a strike that flexed some muscle.

Some years later, I wound up working for a union asphalt company. The piece of crap truck I had to drive had no muffler. It was so loud, I had to keep the passenger window closed all the time- even in the hot summer, with no air conditioning. I complained to the union, and they said they couldn’t do anything about it because the company told them the truck wasn’t worth the investment of a new muffler. Then, a few days later the mafia guy from the union came out to visit the drivers and pass out license plate brackets that said Local whatever number it was. When he tried to hand it to me I said, “I don’t want a dummy-on-board sign to put on my car.

It’s crazy how insincere these protesters are. And it’s hilarious- the irony of it all. Doesn’t anybody else out there notice this? Think about it- you’re protesting the right to collectively bargain. And you are doing it by gathering a crowd (collective) and demanding no pay cuts (bargaining).

Plus, considering the collective bargaining reductions- not being able to bargain about anything but pay- I find it totally hilarious that they would get upset at that, considering all the free health care they are going to get from our rock-star president. I would have thought that aspect (health insurance) was a done deal and not in need of any more bargaining.

And the way the Liberals in the media are reporting this story is funny too:

The NY Times story admits the benefit cuts are equal to about a 7% pay cut. Then, has the nerve to say, “Kim Hoffman, a middle school music teacher, said she and her husband, also a teacher, would lose $1,200 a month under the plan — too deep a cut to manage. ”

Do they really think we don’t do math out here? $1200 x 12 months = a $14,400 pay cut per year for the Hoffmans. In other words, they make (hint… $14,400 is 7% of it) about $205,920 a year. Awe, it must be tough living in Wisconsin on that wage.

I read about six different takes on this story, and as far as I’m concerned, the only one worth mentioning is Neal Boortz, who said, “… the Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker needs to balance his budget. The state faces a $137 million budget shortfall. ”

Plain, simple truth, I like that.

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