The New Evangelical Left? What Would Jesus Cut?

Talk about backward… This is simply crazy. I always said it takes a skewed view of reality to become a Liberal in the first place. But now the radical leftist, so-called Christians are “preaching” socialism in Jesus’ name. Have they gone too far?

It’s one thing to have differing opinions. But what everybody fails to report is the truth! Yes, there is truth. There’s truth in politics, truth in religion, and certainly the Bible represents the official authority of what truth is. And if you disagree with that statement, then you are brainwashed, and I’ll prove it. Just read on.

The so-called Sojourners, who call themselves Christians for justice and peace, are anything but that. Their own website proves it. Not once, anywhere on their front page, among dozens of links and story titles is there one mention of Jesus, Christ, the Gospel, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, or anything Biblical whatsoever. It’s pure politics under the guise of Christianity. In fact, the only place they even call themselves Christians is in their HTML title code, which appears on the top of your browser. Now that is the truth.

Here’s some more truth about the Sojourners website: It does say the words; politics, media, take action, immigration, let them eat tanks, and other political words and leftist talking points. And they are located in Washington DC. Sound Christian to you?

Not only are they lying about their intentions, and who they are, they are flat out lying about who signed their pledge for a “moral budget”. They said the pledge was signed by “church leaders from diverse theological and political beliefs”. Oh really? Is that true? Of course not. Anybody with half a brain knows you have to be a radical, far left, socialist to stand for any of the crap they represent. But did anyone in the lame-stream media report that FACT? Of course not.

In fact, they ran a full-page ad, which all of the leftist media glowingly reported, that said, “What Would Jesus Cut”. Which was basically a socialist propaganda piece, proclaiming the power of the almighty government and preaching the gospel of social justice (socialism).

Now you may be thinking this writer is just on a rant. And I’ll admit, this pushed a hot button for me. But not simply because I disagree with their politics, which of course I do. I am exposing this political activist group for what they are, simply because they are using the name of my Lord and Savior in vain.

Just because some says they are a Christian that doesn’t mean they are.


Let’s talk some more truth. What does the Bible say about any of this?

Let’s look to a real expert, not a political hack, a theologian; Dr Michael Youssef, a very passionate teacher, and preacher of the Word, who holds degrees from Moore College in Sydney, Australia, and from Fuller Theological Seminary in California. In 1984, he earned a Ph.D. in social anthropology from Emory University. He has authored more than 20 books, including his most recent, The Greatest Lie, which I highly recommend.

Dr Youssef wrote an article for, Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism. In part one, he boldly quoted scripture no less than four times, and gave clear, concise examples of exactly what Jesus would cut- Himself! For us! Yes, that’s the Gospel. Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. That is what real Christians are called to do- preach the Gospel, not rob from the rich and give to the poor. I believe that task was Robin Hood’s.

Think about this too- what does it really mean when someone says they are a Christian? Are you a Christian? How do you know? Where do you think we’d find the answer to those questions?

Of course, the holy Bible is the ONLY place on earth where you can possibly find the real definition of what a Christian is. After all, it’s the source of Christianity, the instruction book, if you will.

If someone told you they were a mechanic, and they went around washing windows all day, every day, and talked about how to wash windows, what soap to use, etc, would you believe he was a mechanic? And what if that mechanic had a website, where he explained everything about washing windows? Would you wonder if he was the right guy to ask about your car trouble? I certainly would.

Then why in the world would anybody (hello CNN), report this outfit as a Christian organization? Just because they said they were? I thought news was supposed to report just the facts.

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