Social Justice Truth: Tyranny vs Freedom

Tea Party protestorsI always like to say- believe what you will, but make sure it’s true. And, although this phrase seems honest enough, and so simple you’d think everyone got it, apparently some people (and I mean a lot of people) still believe things that are patently false. Many of these blind followers are educated too (but that’s another story). This article will be an attempt at a historical perspective of right vs wrong, right vs left, Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party, Tyranny vs Freedom, and truth vs lies.

Although my personal opinion will come across in this piece, I will do my best to lay out the numbers- facts and figures, to illustrate the plain truth, which should be visible to any educated person. However, for some reason, this plain truth has been obscured by a new, phony definition of truth. But, as any decent philosopher will tell you, in most cases, there can only be one truth in a given situation.

First, some definitions and explanations (truths):

There is truth. I know this should be a basic truth in itself, but there are still some people who think truth is relative. Truth is not relative. Something, everything, is either true or false. Matters of taste notwithstanding, truth, should be obvious to any open mind that observes the given facts.

Tyranny, is an oppressive form of government. Whether it comes from an individual leader, or from a whole governmental system, tyranny is, by definition, limits being imposed on people, rights taken away, and the government ruling over the people in an unfair, oppressive way.

Freedom, is being able to move about without confinement or restraints. Freedom is the ability to do what you want, when you want to. Freedom, by its very definition, is personal liberty, as opposed to slavery or bondage.

Social justice, is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social justice, by its very definition, includes everyone.

Socialism, is an atheistic political view. Originated by Vladimir Lenin, by its very definition, socialism demands complete disestablishment of the Church, and complete government control of all means of production.

Communism, also known as Marxism, is a belief that the government should control all aspects of life- the economy, work, and business. Although socialism was the starting point, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (who co-wrote the original Communist Manifesto), took socialism to a whole new level.

Socialism and Communism/Marxism is a FAR LEFT ideology, by their own definition. See

Socialism, Communism and Marxism has come to mean relatively the same thing. Today, it’s known as “Progressive”, even though there is nothing progressive about it. We can argue semantics all day, but the fact is, they are so closely related, it has come to mean the same thing in this day and age- Government control of business and economy, and an atheistic political view that demands absolutely no public religious expression at all.

There is no splitting this ideology
. I didn’t draw this line in the sand, I’m just an observer of it. I see it, I’m pointing at it, that’s all. Whether you like it or not, you must pick a side- total government control and no religion whatsoever(socialism), or freedom of religion and economy (conservatism).

Every time it was tried, it failed. Whatever you want to call it, socialism and/or communism has failed throughout history, every time it was tried. Denying that is simply proof that you didn’t read the history. Either that or you are deliberately lying, as is the case with Obama.

Lenin began from the belief that economic organization would become less complex once the profit drive and the market mechanism had been dispensed with. In fact, economic life pursued under these rules rapidly became so disorganized that within four years of the 1917 revolution, Soviet production had fallen to 14 percent of its per-revolutionary level. By 1921 Lenin was forced to institute the New Economic Policy (NEP), a partial return to the market incentives of capitalism. In other words, he realized it wasn’t working, and he changed it from socialism to (partial) capitalism. But for some reason, even though the inventor of socialism quickly learned it wasn’t working, people today still think it can. (Go figure.)

Communism has killed more people than religion. Also know as “murder by government”, far-left ideologies have killed more people than all other causes combined, by far. This is an indisputable, historical fact. Take a look at the historical numbers in this very detailed thesis.

Consider this too… Why are the horrors of Nazism so well-known and widely condemned but not those of socialism and communism? What goes untaught — and possibly is covered up — is that socialist and communist ideas have produced the greatest evil in mankind’s history. Check out this story on Liberals, Progressives and Socialists (oh my).

So far, all I did was lay out some facts. there has been no opinion yet. If you find yourself in disagreement with me, you are in disagreement with facts. Here’s a few more:

It is the stated goal of the Communist Party to take over America by undermining it from within, and there is a congressional record to back that up. As illustrated many times over, the end justifies the means, and that includes lying.

The Democrat Party in the US stands for all of these same far-left ideologies, and is not afraid to lie about it. They purposely mislead, with issue titles, like:

Reproductive rights. It sounds like a “right”. But is it? While it may be a right to kill an unborn baby, the fact is- it takes away the rights of the baby.

Gay rights. Again, it sounds like a “right”, something a person should be entitled to. But in fact, it is taking away the rights of others (anyone who disagrees), and giving preferential treatment to one specific group of people.

Social justice. This is the fastest growing cry coming from the left these days. I would argue that most rank and file democrats don’t even know what exactly it is. As defined above, it should be all about justice for EVERYONE. But, in fact it punishes one group and lifts up another. That’s not freedom. That’s tyranny. Social justice is already here in the US, and has been all along.

Intellectual honesty is not a prerequisite on the left. When politicians will say whatever it takes to win, we the people have to dig to find the truth. (Nobody said this was going to be easy.) The same people who berated Bush for spending, should be even more angry at Obama. But again, blind followers will carry the baton, not knowing they are killing themselves.

Another shining example of blind followers is the whole Occupy Wall Street movement. Most of these people don’t understand what they are doing, and it’s very easy to prove (it’s been done many times on Youtube.) Before you get all in a huff, just think about this- here they are, carrying signs demanding “social justice”, and calling rich people “greedy”. And yet, they are the ones demanding the money (from the successful people). The very people crying for social justice are the greedy ones! If you can’t see that, you didn’t look.

I understand a lot of the guys there are just trying to get laid. (And where else can you find so many easy women all in one place?) But seriously, these protestors are the greediest people I have ever seen. Someone needs to tell them, there is a whole world of riches out there if they simply apply themselves.

I could go on forever. The bottom-line is this:

People need to know exactly what they are voting for when they pull that lever. I know we have to vote for the lesser of two evils most of the time, but clearly, most average Joe’s who say they are Democrats don’t understand what the party stands for these days.

Most Democrats that I see (regular people who are not active in politics) are hard-working people who are giving in to the peer-pressure around them, and simply following the sheep off the cliff. They never do any research, they just buy the package. This article does that research for them. If you know people like this, enlighten them by posting this article on Facebook or Twitter (find the links below).

It’s a brainwashing technique, and well documented. One shining example is Hitler. Just about everyone knows that Hitler brainwashed millions of Germans into believing that Jews were something less than human. And today in America, millions of people are brainwashed into believing that an unborn baby is not human. The parallels are blatant.

Rewriting history:

Obama is going around saying that Conservative methods were tried and failed every time. This is a bold-face lie. It was his Marxist views that failed every time. History proves it again and again, not only with all the historical sources quoted above, but one look at the history of the US (the indisputable, fastest growing, most prosperous nation in the history of the world), will show that Conservatism works every time it’s tried. After all, The Constitution is the very foundation of Conservatism.

Conservative principals are exactly what led to the US claiming its independence in the first place. It’s what put in place Christian values, which kept our country free from tyranny, free to express our religion, free to think of a good idea and get rich, free to seek out our own happiness, whatever that may be.

If you disagree, go ahead and leave a comment. I will be happy to show you where you are wrong.

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