Endorsement: Ron Paul for President 2012

That’s right. Ron Paul is the man. In all my (52) years, I have never seen such a man; a man who stands on principles, the same principles that guided our founders, and has for 40 years; a man who stands for smaller government for real, not just talking a good game like Bush did; a man who stands for the Constitution, the way it was meant to be understood, not the twisted way today’s politicians try to make it; a man who predicted 9-11; a man who predicted the economic collapse; the only anti-war candidate on either side of the aisle; the only one who cannot be bought by the industrial complex; Ron Paul for president in 2012, that’s my hope and prayer. More so than any other election in my life, I want this man to win at this time in our history.

I have never before endorsed a candidate publicly, let alone during a primary. But nobody has the fortitude of Ron Paul. Nobody else is standing up for States rights. Nobody else is standing up for the falling dollar. Nobody else is standing up to the Fed. Nobody else is standing up to the Republican machine. Nobody else is standing up to Obama’s machine. Nobody else is even close. Ron Paul can win this if the people get behind him, no matter what the media elites try to say or do.

Ron Paul has a very long, consistent record as a Texas congressman of standing for these things. He has never changed. He was against the Iraq war ever since Clinton began the first bombing campaign during the impeachment trials in 1998.

Ron Paul supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Not because of his lies under oath, but for a more important reason- because he acted unconstitutionally when he ordered the bombing of Iraq in 1998. Which, in hindsight, was the very beginning of this whole debacle.

Let’s all get behind Ron Paul. He is the most Conservative politician we have ever known, in the truest sense of the word. And the most Liberal, in the truest sense. And if you ask me, he’s the only real choice for any true patriot, whether left or right. If you believe as our founders did, then help spread the word.

Ron Paul for president in 2012! It’s now or never! Tell two friends, like us on Facebook, and visit his official campaign website for more.

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