What Guys Really Think About Girls

Girl with flowwers laying in the grassI’m going to be very frank in this piece, and tell all of the deep, dark secrets- the things me and my friends always talked about when there were no females around- the things guys say behind their backs- the things guys really think. I know a lot of guys will be mad at me for revealing these truths about our softer counterparts. But it has to be out there, for the girls who really want to know the truth, and not make some major mistakes in their lives. Some may not like it, but I am going to tell you exactly what guys REALLY think about girls- and with no holds barred.

Every time I read an article with a similar title, they get it wrong- way wrong. Of course, most of those articles are written by girls, or guys who don’t want to reveal the real secrets, or guys who don’t want to offend someone. But not me. Some will be offended by this. If you are, I’m sorry. Sometimes the truth hurts, and this is exactly why you have never read the truth until now.

I’m going to talk to you like you were a guy, and a close friend:

If you’re a girl reading this, just imagine there is a table full of guys- close friends- talking about you and your girlfriends, and you get to eavesdrop without them knowing.

If you are a guy reading this, just imagine you are my long-time pal and we are talking about some girls we just met, or dated maybe once or twice. This is important because this is the angle no one has ever taken. And it is exactly the only way to get to the real truth about what guys really think about.

First, let me lay out some truths that any manly man will admit to (only among close friends in private.)

  1. Almost every girl is do-able. Of course there are some limits- relatives, age, and size limits. But for the most part, just about any girl will do.
  2. Guys only want one thing. And they will do whatever it takes to get it- lie, cheat, steal, spend money, marry her- whatever it takes to get some of that sweet stuff.
  3. Guys tell their close friends everything, and I mean everything. If you are the girlfriend, his friends know everything you’ve done with him, believe me.
  4. When a man looks at a really hot woman, it hurts, because he can’t have it. I mean actual pain strikes his heart as he looks her up and down and imagines what it would be like to have her.
  5. All guys look at girls and imagine they are having sex with them in some way. Most are discreet about it, but they look, every time they get the chance, and they imagine.
  6. Guys think about sex all the time. Not several times a day, or every morning at 10:30. Every minute of every day there is a fantasy going on in that masculine skull.
  7. Any girl who puts out early in the relationship is not worth marrying, and he will only stay with her until he gets what he came for. Then he’s gone. Or, he may just stick around until he finds something better.
  8. Guys don’t trust girls who put out easily. They figure if they can get it so quickly and easily, so can the next guy. Even though he will try on the first date, if he succeeds, he will instantly lose all respect for her- right after he’s done.
  9. The only girl worth marrying is one who is the hardest to get. Remember, guys will do whatever it takes to get some. If it takes a year of wining and dining, impressing her father, building up her trust, going to church, that’s exactly what he’ll do.
  10. Every guy wants to marry a virgin. But since that is extremely rare, he will settle for one that only “did it” with one or two guys in her life, if he has to.

To a guy, this is what dating a girl is really all about:

To determine whether or not she is worth marrying.
That’s it. That’s the only reason for a date. If it’s not for that, she may as well be a prostitute, because he will still want to do her, even if she is not marriage material. But if she is marriage material according to his best estimate so far, he will hang in there and try to see her again.

If he determines she is not worth marrying, he will simply act like he likes her, just to try to get some lust fulfillment. Whether he gets laid or not, of course he will never call her again, unless he’s horny- and then only for that. And when he comes to pick her up he will be wearing his regular clothes, and he’ll beep the horn for her.

If he determines she is worth marrying, he will treat her like a lady- open doors for her, buy her everything she wants, wear his best clothes, respect her feelings and her family, and (mostly) be honest with her. He would never beep the horn when he comes to pick her up.

What guys really look for in a girl…

Is this the perfect girl?We’ve all heard about what girls hope for- a knight on a white horse coming to take them away to their castle. But to a guy, a young man dreams of marrying a really clean girl who was corn fed and porch raised- a virgin, who goes to church, and really lives for the Lord. She knows how to have fun, is playful, and always has a smile on her beautiful face. She is kind to all people. She looks amazing all the time, but never crosses the line of indecency. She’s shorter than him, has big lips, really long hair, nice legs, and she’s athletic. She’s serious about what she wants, and she wants the same things he does.

Of course, in reality, he wants her to be his best friend, who he can talk about anything with.

His dream girl also has a big brother who could kick his butt, and a dad who already told him he would if he ever hurt her.

He pictures her perfect family- her dad owns a successful business, and spends his spare time at a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing church. And her mom, who sings in the choir, is the best cook in the world. They’ve been married since College. her brother is the high school football quarterback.

I know there are just about as many guys that find all those qualities as there are girls who get swooped up by a prince. But that’s how guys see it.

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