Muslim Man Arrested for Attempted Bombing of Recruitment Center

Muhammed Hussain (a.k.a. Antonio Martinez) has been arrested for attempting to blow up a military recruitment center in Baltimore County. Another plot thwarted by US Intelligence. Apparently he had been under FBI surveillance for two months, and was arrested after he attempted to detonate a phony bomb. He was on a personal jihad mission to bomb the enemy- us, that thankfully failed.

Did the big news outlets mention his name, or the fact that he was a Muslim?

MSNBC broke it to us gently, first calling him; a man; then a Baltimore man; then Antonio Martinez. And only after laying out the case against him, did they finally admit he was a Hispanic who converted to Islam.

But they never mentioned his Muslim name- the name he actually uses now.

CNN, also very politically-correctly called him first; a Baltimore man; then, a 21-year-old American who converted to Islam; then, the suspect (a few times). Never did they say Muhammed Hussain.

The Telegraph UK offered their politically correct version, calling him; a Baltimore man; the individual; a 21-year-old male; and an American citizen, before finally admitting he converted to Muslim.

BBC maintained status quo, calling him first; a man in Baltimore; the suspect; an American citizen; the alleged suspect; the man; and finally, the suspect. Never once mentioning he was a freakin’ Muslim.

CBS News, believe it or not, got it right, and called him what he is, “… a U.S. citizen and a convert to Islam. His name is Antonio Martinez, but now calls himself Muhammed Hussain.” Congratulations CBS, I guess the Dan Rather era has officially passed.

Fox News also got it right, “Antonio Martinez, a Muslim convert who called himself Muhammed Hussain, was arrested and will appear in federal court on Wednesday…”

At the time of this writing, those were the only news stories Google produced for my search. Except for one more…

Michell Malkin nailed it with her hilarious title:

And yet another accused bomb plotter named…wait for it…“. And she elaborated without any consideration for political correctness in the very first sentence, calling it what it is. Why is the truth so hard for the Leftist media? Thanks Michelle- you rock.

Michelle also said she would post his picture, once it is released, at her jihadi gallery, also known as, “Just another bomb-plotting jihadist yelling ‘Allahu akbar!.'”

You gotta love her.

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