Jesse Lee Peterson: Black American Brilliance and a Backbone of Steel!

Jesse Lee PetersonYou just have to admire this man’s character and courage. His leadership has helped forge men of character and faith, out of young, troubled youths in the Los Angeles inner-city for a generation. And what’s amazing is, as much good as he’s done- especially in the black community in Los Angeles- a lot of people (extreme liberals mostly) hate him with a passion. While President Obama and Al Sharpton are teaching black people to hate the police (no wonder there were two police killed in NY), Jesse Lee Peterson is making young men want to be the police. While others are encouraging distrust, he encourages faith.

I can’t think of any one person anywhere that has stood up to as much hate and discontent as Mr Peterson has. There is tremendous political peer-pressure, not only in the black community at large, but in liberal circles. White liberals and black liberals hate black conservatives with a vitriol that defies reason. They would rather support carbon-copies of their vision of what a black man is supposed to be than to have an actual strong leader, and an independent thinker. Because of the dumbing-down in the black community by so-called black leaders, along with the help of the liberal media, this great man of faith brings TRUE leadership to the equation, and is helping rebuild the family by rebuilding the man.

Not too many liberals will admit it, but there is a huge problem in the black community. The proverbial elephant in the room, is the fact that black men are failing at raising children, in record numbers. So, rather than admit defeat, they adjust defeat to mean something else. And if you dare question it, you’re called racist. Even if you are as black as the ace of spades (as Jesse says about himself.)

I think the way to end racism is to talk about it.

When I was in the Army, during my very first week, I went to a huge auditorium to hear a general speak. He talked about the fact that many of us were from all over the world, but here, we were all Americans. He said the best way to break the ice was to talk about race openly. He began by asking people to talk about some negative stereotypes they’ve heard about certain races. Someone said Mexicans have too many babies. Someone else said Polish people are stupid. There were a few more stereotypes tossed around. Then, the general said- now, I want those who are that nationality to say something good about your people. A Mexican stood up and said, “Mexicans can fix anything.” And people nodded with agreement. A big Polish guy stood up and said, “Polish guys are strong.” And judging by the size of that guy, no one would argue.

The take-away from that experience was, it helps to talk about race openly. That conversation broke the ice, and we were all better off for it.

That’s exactly what Jesse Lee Peterson is doing. He’s talking about it on his radio show, and as a frequent guest on many TV news-talk shows. He talks about the stereotypes, as well as the great accomplishments, not only of black people, but all people. He’s not afraid to tackle the truth, no matter how ugly it is. And the best part is- he offers solutions!

His Christian faith is as apparent and genuine as is his concern for his fellow Americans, black and white. He’s not afraid to read the statistics, like the fact that 72% of black children are being raised by unwed mothers. While liberals try to say that’s OK, who needs a man, Jesse says that’s not OK, kids need a dad, especially boys.

He mentions Jesus with a glow in his eyes. You can tell this man loves God. And he serves God openly and honestly. His faith is contagious, and being an out-spoken manly-man, young men listen and learn. He builds them up with hope, much like Martin Luther King Jr did. He doesn’t tear them down like the media-favorites do. This guy is the real deal. And if Dr King was alive today, these two would hit it off like nobody’s business.

Jesse Lee Peterson is exactly the kind of leader young black men need to listen to.

Instead of being told they are stuck in the ghetto, that white cops hate them, or society will never give them a break, they will learn that God loves them, and so does Jesse. And if they listen long enough, they will find out that black men have just as much right to all the freedom and opportunities that America has to offer, and that they too can grow up to be anything they want to.

Spend some time visiting his website here at Bond- the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. And while you’re there, make a donation. Help change the country for the better by supporting this organization.

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