Obama’s Economic Strategy- Inflate the Bubbles and Claim it Works

Home mortgages pictureIt’s really funny how hindsight is 20/20. Now that we are drawing near to the end of the Obama era, it’s plain to see- his whole strategy was to inflate the bubbles, then claim it’s working. From bailouts to health care, the robots in the media keep saying it’s working. And now, with free college for two years- doesn’t he know there is a huge bubble of student loan debt? And a huge bubble of National debt? How is piling on more debt going to help? It just inflates the bubble. And when inflation really kicks in (we haven’t seen anything yet) it will get worse- way worse.

There is usually a simple solution, but these lawyers in DC only know how to twist words to mean whatever they want them to mean, and to write bills with so much jargon that you have to be a lawyer to understand them in the first place. Then, of course, they don’t read it anyway- but that’s another story.

Consider the “Detroit” bailout for example:

First of all, we didn’t bail out Detroit. We bailed out two auto manufacturers. Ford was doing just fine, thank you very much. And how is Detroit doing, as a city? Not so well. I wish they would quit calling it a Detroit bailout.

What would have happened if we didn’t bail out GM and Chrysler? The worse-case scenario I could think of is- they’d go out of business. Does anyone really believe all those factories would just fall into ruin? Of course not. Some smart entrepreneur with some money would have bought them up (at a discount, of course) and started making cars for a new generation. But no, they couldn’t let the unions fail. So they propped up the bubble. How long will it last? Only time will tell. But, expanding the bubble isn’t a solution.

How about the health care bubble?

Anyone who lives on a budget (which is most of us) knows the cost of health care has skyrocketed. And ObamaCare has only made that worse. Yes, some poor people got health insurance, and that’s good. But what about the rest of us? What about those who make one dollar above the subsidy threshold? The cost of health care these days is devastating for everyone except the rich. The debt bubble has expanded, again.

Instead of writing 3000+ pages of legal jargon that rewards health care insurance companies, why not write a simple, one-page bill that simply expands Medicaid? I’ll tell you why not- because the Democrats have some friends to take care of. Why else would Nancy Pelosi expect Congress to pass a bill they didn’t read? (I’m still shocked they actually passed it without reading it.)

And now, free College for all…

This one really takes the cake. Is there really anyone out there, and I mean anyone, who doesn’t know that low-income people can get a Government grant their first two years of Community College? Apparently there are a lot of democrats who don’t know that- or maybe they do but they just follow the leader off the cliff.

There’s only one group of people that can benefit from free College for all- the ones who can actually afford it! In other words, by expanding free College for all, all they are doing is attempting to pay for College for those who would otherwise not qualify for a Government grant. So now, even the rich can get a free two years.

How is that fair? Obama loves to talk about making things more fair. Paying for rich kids is not fair, by his own definition. So why does he do it? Some people think Obama is stupid. Others think he is smart, and purposely destroying our country. I tend to lean toward the latter. But I also think it’s fixable.

And what about the real estate bubble?

We’ve all heard of the real estate bubble, which, by the way was not a problem everywhere. In California the average house costs about 600k. In Chicago, about 250k. In Indiana, 40k. There never was a housing bubble in Indiana, or in several other states, but, I digress.

With the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we saw housing costs drop. And rightfully so. It was a bubble after all, and as such, was bound to pop sooner or later.

So, how does Obama address this bubble? By Doing the same thing, only more-so. His plan for making homes more affordable just adds to the government debt. How is that a fix?

How is piling on more debt helping the economy?

Obama’s legacy will be a big mess for the next president. They said that about Bush, and now it’s really true- about Obama. Everything Bush did wrong (spend too much money, prop up Wall Street), Obama did even worse (spent way more money, propped up not only Wall Street, but also health care insurers, auto manufacturers, and rich kids who want to go to College). If the next president is Hillary, she won’t have the nerve to blame Obama though. She will likely still blame Bush. Hey, why not? That worked before, it can work again. Republicans are going to starve grandma too. That works every time too.

It’s all about winning. They really don’t care about people. Why else would everything they stand for be in reality, the exact opposite of what they say?

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