Will the Real “Party of No” Please Stand Up?

So, Obama offers a compromise with the new Republicans in Congress- Let the Bush tax cuts ride for two more years. And all the Liberals are up in arms. Obama ran his whole campaign against those so-called tax cuts for the rich, as he put it. And now he’s for it, which is really good news for us all. However, the Democrats may not go along with the Chosen One this time. Or it it all just a political ruse, as usual?

This whole debacle proves how the Left is openly trying to do to us what the donkey in the picture is doing. They don’t care about us. All they care about is taking our money, any way they can get it. Who is the “party of no” now?

The Christian Science Monitor has a piece labeling it as Bush’s “tax cut for the rich“. There is nothing Christian or scientific about that blatant piece of Liberal propaganda. You’d think they would stop the hate-Bush crap, but it still lives on.

Why is it so hard for the Left to see that high taxes hurt us all?

They stymie the economy and punish success, and in the process destroy the American Dream.

Mondoreb at DBKP got it right when he said, “Democrats Become ‘Party of NO’ on Tax Cuts.” They said no to success, no to tax cuts, no to the economy, and no to the American Dream.

They keep on dragging out the same old talking points that have been falsified years ago, proving they still think we’re stupid. Anyone who calls it a tax cut for the rich is either purposely misleading, or a completely brainwashed idiot.

Hello, so-called Christian so-called Science Monitor. What you guys need is a writer who is either a Christian or a scientist. Until then, you look like a Liberal propaganda machine.

Talk about Backward Times. I understood all the propaganda during the Bush administration- they were playing politics, dirty politics yes, but still politics, Lefty-style.

Now what? The Dems are going to fight Obama and his compromise deal? It looks like they are. And (I’ll predict it right here), Obama will likely cave to them, nullifying his phony attempt at compromise. If I’m wrong, I’ll set the record straight at that time. Until then, I’ll go on believing it’s politics as usual on the Left- no consideration for Americans at large, just the Socialist base on the far left.

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