A Presidential Platform That Will Win- and Bring the Country Together Again

Did you ever wonder why our once great country has become so divided? I can tell you exactly why- and why it’s a terrible idea to continue this separation. I think both sides of the political isle can agree on this if they just step back and really look at it. It’s not that we are more divided now than ever. We have always had our disagreements- and always will. The real problem is- we don’t want to be told what to do- none of us. Our freedom in this country is something within. Whether liberal or conservative, we all want to be living our lives the way we see fit.

The real problem is the federal government forcing its views on the states.

The 50 united States should all have their own sovereignty. They should be able to choose whatever way they want to run their country- that’s what they are you know- each state is an individual country. Just read some of the writings from our founding fathers- they refer to their states as their country. That’s why those early writings also have a small “u” on united, but a capital “S” on States.

States rights are the core of true conservative thinking. Live and let live.

If Massachusetts wants to allow gay marriage- fine.
If Indiana doesn’t- fine.
If California wants to allow abortions- fine.
If Mississippi doesn’t- fine.
If Tennessee wants to allow their citizens to carry guns- fine.
If New York doesn’t- fine.
If Illinois wants to tear down the Ten Commandments- fine.
If Alabama doesn’t- fine.
If Colorado wants to legalize marijuana- fine.
If Wisconsin doesn’t- fine.
If New Jersey wants government mandated health care- fine.
If Kentucky doesn’t- fine.

We can go down the line and cover every political issue. There should only be a small handful of federal regulations. Everything else should be a states issue, where the federal government has no say-so whatsoever.

And if people don’t like the state they’re in, they can simply move to a state that they feel more comfortable in.

See how simple that is? Live and let live. And now all Americans can enjoy their freedom.

As a hardcore conservative, this is a no-brainer to me. And this is why the republican establishment continues to fail- they are not much better than the democrat establishment when it comes to this kind of tyranny.

Just because I believe in something, that doesn’t mean I should force the rest of the country to believe it too. Because guess what? They still won’t believe it- even if it’s law. And that’s the real problem with this divided state (no pun intended) that we find ourselves in. We are all trying to force our views on everyone else.

I say live and let live. Dismantle the federal government bureaucracy, and make it what it was meant to be- just a united force for self defense, and a friendly neighbor.

If I was running for president, that would be my platform. But since I’m not, I’ll take the closest thing-

Vote for Rand Paul.

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