Scumbags Celebrate Cops Shot in Ferguson! #BlackLivesMatter

police vs protestorsThis is about as backward as it gets. I know there is a lot of disdain for police officers in the criminal world, but does the black community at large really want this reputation? I can’t imagine that being the case. I mean, criminals are the natural enemy of cops. I get that. But, so many people are trying to make this a blacks vs cops story, and that simply isn’t the case. However, even some so-called news sites are reporting it as such, and with the help of media favorite race-baiters they are trying to make that exact case. But a closer look at the actual facts will show that it simply isn’t true. However, people still cling to their brainwashing. This is not my opinion- these are facts- take a look.

Before I get into all the misinformation, and back it up with facts, I want to tell a quick personal story, because my own upbringing set me up for failure. I was raised by a single-mom. And, although I’m sure she loved me with all her heart, she taught me to give up on my dreams of being a writer and a musician, and instead “get a real job”. I spent my whole adult life (until I was 40-something) battling this American-dream-busting theory of hers. In fact, the first ten years of my writing career (when I was still working a full-time job and writing in my spare time), I’d call her up and tell her the good news whenever I got a good gig as a musician, or published by a magazine or TV show. I’d be all excited, expecting her to be proud of me, or congratulate me, but she’d say, “You’re never going to be able to pay your bills with that, tell me about your real job.” Needless to say, I never gave up on my dreams, and now I am a successful writer. But first I had to overcome her brainwashing- and it wasn’t easy.

All this #BlackLivesMatter crap started with some racist or hateful brainwashing by misinformed parents:

We all know that racism is taught, as is hate in general. People aren’t just born to hate a certain group of people. They learn that from parents, teachers or role models in their life. This is well documented, and even taught by the very people who cling to their own hatred of police. Here’s a great example of a young man coming to terms with the hatred his parents taught him. His battle wasn’t easy, but he learned to overcome it, as I did, but it’s a long process of holding on to hope, despite the naysayers.

I remember riding a bus one day in Chicago some years back. Out the window we noticed some people sitting at tables at a sidewalk cafe. I overheard a little girl, who looked about five years old, say to her dad, “Look at those people drinking coffee on the sidewalk. I want to do that Daddy.” Instead of saying, “We’ll do that one of these days honey”, her Puerto Rican dad responded, “You’ll never get to do that. This is a white man’s world. People with dark skin like us just don’t get to have the good life like they do.” I was shocked by the depressing outlook he was teaching his kid. Instead of teaching her that the world was hers, and she could grow up to do whatever she wished, he chose to teach her that she shouldn’t even try. And there was a few minorities sitting at those tables. I wondered if the little girl saw that.

Now, about #BlackLivesMatter, of course they do. But so does everyone else.

Brainwashed kids holding BlackLivesMatter signsAll this hate being taught- that police are out to get black people- is simply not true, and it’s very easy to prove. If people would just step off of their hate-horse for a minute, and take a look at actual facts, instead of believing everything they hear, this world would be a much better place for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I know from personal experience that this kind of hate does exist. But the point is, it’s not just black people, it’s everyone that gets abused and even killed by crooked cops. Innocent Down catalogs a lot of people who have been killed by cops, and here’s a newsflash for my haters- most of them are white. And yet, people still go around repeating misinformation and distortions.

So, now that we know the facts, there is only one logical conclusion- #AllLivesMatter. It’s not a black issue at all. It’s a corrupt police issue.

Growing up in Chicago, I was beat up by Chicago Police many times myself. It wasn’t because they were racist- I’ve been beat up by white cops more than black ones. The reason they did it, was because there was a culture of corruption in Chicago. Plus,they thought I was a punk who was up to no good, which I was. I’m not saying it’s alright for cops to beat up punks, I’m saying it happens to punks of every color- and even innocent people- of every color.

Everyone experiences racism and hate, not just black men from Ferguson.

To teach people that black men are routinely abused by white cops is misinformation, racist, and a very dangerous, hateful view. If you click the links in this piece and read them with an open mind, you will conclude that too. Please, don’t cling to your hate- read and learn.

I was “jumped” by Puerto Rican gangs three times when I was 13, and had the living crap kicked out of me too, just for being white. In fact, my only recourse was to go to a different school (which was legally impossible with Chicago’s school district laws, so I had to make up a fake address to get into another school).

So, yes, racism exists. And yes, it happens to everyone. This is not my opinion, it’s a fact. But to all the people who teach their kids that it only happens to black kids, or minorities, that simply isn’t true. You want to teach your kids the truth, don’t you? Then teach them that racism and hate comes in all colors.

All this hating-the-police crap is just more hate.

MLK-love-vs-hateHate doesn’t overcome hate. Love does. Martin Luther King Jr knew that, and taught that. Yet, some of the very people that were with him during his tenure are going around these days teaching the exact opposite. Here’s an article written by Jesse Jackson that illustrates the hate he teaches. Of course Martin Luther King Jr taught the opposite- that only love overcomes hate.

King understood that this is a spiritual battle, not a battle of flesh and bone. And yet, some of his followers are teaching the opposite of what he taught, and what the Bible teaches:

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

MLK quote about love and hateUnlike today’s self-appointed leaders in the black community, Dr King believed the Bible. He knew that to win this battle, we must change peoples minds, change the way they think.

That’s in the Bible too:

Romans 12:2
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

It’s a spiritual battle. No amount of cop killing will win this battle. And yet, people in Ferguson and liberals across this country are celebrating the killing of those two cops in Ferguson. Take a look at this video:

People celebrate the killing of cops:

This whole story underscores the difference between Christian liberals and Christian conservatives. The real difference is, conservative Christians renew their mind, and change their politics to fit their religion, because they believe the Bible. Liberal Christians on the other hand, don’t renew their minds, they renew their religion. They cling to their political worldview and renew their Christianity, making it into something it’s not. That’s in the Bible too (Genesis 1:27).

God made man in His image. But liberals make God in their image.

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