Self-Righteous Ludicrous Crap Award Winner: Sandra Fluke

Elizabeth Cady StantonA Nation Run by Morons: The first winner of the self-righteous ludicrous crap award goes to…. Sandra Fluke and her handlers.

Her testimony is an insult is to the real women who are slinging hash in the Waffle Houses, working in retail, auto dealers and banks; women who are actually doing real work and paying taxes.

She desires that money be taken from these workingwoman’s paychecks so she can use their tax dollars to pay for her birth control pills while she pursues a $200,000 law degree. Ludicrous elitism at its worst.

True feminists (self reliant, independent thinkers with creative minds) would never grovel and bow prostate before government officials begging for favors and handouts. True feminists are more than capable of preventing their own pregnancy. Sandra Fluke is no feminist. No self-respecting woman would conclude that her only hope to leading a successful, healthy life depends upon the benevolence of a government apparatchik. Her utter subservience in beseeching the government for assistance to prevent her own pregnancy, suggests that without government assistance, women have no control over their own reproduction. (Didn’t women spend the last 50 years fighting to establish absolute control over their own reproductive health?) That is not a message that young women ought be encouraged to believe: “It’s not your fault your pregnant, the government didn’t give you your pills.”

Sandra Fluke is an anti-feminist- needy, whiny and dependant, certainly not cut from the same cloth as the women who settled frontiers, traveled across burning deserts in covered wagons and who defended their families and husbands with the business end of a shotgun. Renowned feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who raised seven children by herself, would be appalled by Sandra Fluke’s drivel.

But that is not what makes this ludicrous to the point of being farcical. According to the left leaning think tank Center for American Progress “the pill” costs about $1200 per year. Lets us recall that Ms. Fluke attended Cornell University to the tune of $40,000 per year as well as Georgetown University Law School at another $50,000 per year. Are we such gullible dopes to believe that a woman with an Ivy League education and a top flight law decree, who’s higher education tuition alone approaches $400,000, can’t figure on her own how to a pay $100 per month for her own birth control? Ludicrous.

She is not a feminist, as she has been portrayed, but a propaganda tool for the government, an over educated idiot being used to push the government agenda of control over our health system, merely disguised as a women’s issue- she is the daily Moron in a Nation Run by Morons.

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